About Yamaha Music Point & Our Teaching Methods

Our lessons are designed to:

  • Express Creativity
  • Engender the building of confidence and team play from performing within a group
  • Cultivate and explore an interest in the various styles of music
  • Develop secure technique and solo performing skills whilst playing as an ensemble
  • Give our pupils 100% teacher attention  during their lesson ( we don’t use headphones in lessons)
  • Be an excellent introduction to music for the younger learner (in our Junior Play for Keeps keyboard course) .  Yamaha’s unique, fun and intuitive learning technique teaches 6 and 7 year olds to play via the “Listen, Copy, Play and later Read Music” – just like we all learnt to talk
  • Take music skills to the highest possible level

and there is more!

  • We are committed to the highest possible Standards of Music Tuition.  We have a team of experience and highly skilled music teachers (trained and accredited by Yamaha), who are all CRB safety checked.
  • Our teaching studios have state of the art musical instruments and equipment
  • Pupils receive a further 5% discount off product’s marked prices in our sister company, Key Player
  • Free Wifi available in our waiting room

Our lessons

  • Group lessons last for 60 minutes, Individual (30 or 60 minutes), same day and time each week, with after school, evening and weekend lessons available.
  • You choose whether to take accredited exams or learn for the fun of it (we use exams not as a target but to confirm achievement)
  • Offer accredited music grades (Trinity College & Rock School) which can earn UCAS points

The Benefits of Music

  • Playing and enjoying music is proven to have a positive and lasting influence on the way we live in a modern society
  • Children who learn are more likely to be team players, have better self esteem, have enhanced spatial development, and often boosting concentration and cognitive skills
  • And what could be cooler than sitting down at a musical instrument and  playing a tune (how many people do you hear saying they wish they could play or had persisted in playing a musical instrument)?


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